Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Safe Place

Everyone has their breaking point. The moment when your back breaks under the weight of that very last straw and your nerves shred into tiny little ribbons. And I have reached that moment in time.

 And so this is a clarion call to all others like me. You other singletons. The single community, if you will. Or perhaps the matrimonially-challenged community? Because that, my M&S meal for one microwaving friends, is how the rest of the world seems to view us.

Oh yes, they claim to envy our complication-free lifestyles and Sunday morning lie-ins uninterrupted by squalling brats. But behind closed doors, they huddle together with their partners, spouses and significant others and thank their lucky stars that they are not still ‘out there’.

And yet, they all suffer from a collective amnesia about what it actually means to be single. Because if they had the slightest recollection they wouldn’t do and say the things that they do. Would they? No-one would knowingly be so thoughtless and insensitive, surely? And yet…

So, the next time some loved-up ninny mouth another inanity about ‘kissing a lot of frogs’ or uses the phrase ‘unless you have children, you can’t possibly understand’ please visit this blog. I promise that you’ll find refuge here.

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